The “Mole” RT-60 is the best solution for borehole gamma-ray measurements and natural radioisotopes assay. The instrument is optimised for fast borehole scanning thanks to its large size gamma detector.
The main application for the RT-60 is spectral gamma logging and assaying in blast holes, which in most cases are less then 25 m deep.

Other applications include exploration boreholes and wells. The standard reel holds up to 50 m cable. The depth capacity can be extended on special request to 200 m by using a longer cable and a different winch.
Typical users are geologists and geophysicists at mining and exploration companies, universities and geological surveys.

The RT-60 also attracts environmental and geotechnical consultants, active with radon risk assessments or classifying rocks used for building purposes.
Furthermore, RT-60 can be used to check for radioactive contamination, often Ra-226, in petrochemical piping, in water wells or in sewage systems such as those used in chemical waste dumps.

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