The RT-20 HANDY SCINT is a compact hand held radiation detector specifically designed to quickly determine the location of radioactive material. The high sensitivity RT-20 is an ideal instrument for surveying bedrock, people, packages or materials, quickly and simply detecting Gamma Ray emitting radioactive minerals or sources.

Thanks to thee small size and the low weight of the RT-20 together with the balanced handle, equipped with a single thumb button, it allows easy one handed operation. The single button includes ON/OFF, audio alarm threshold, natural background audio correction and battery status.

The RT-20 features a numeric LCD display showing actual counts per second (cps) or dose rate (based on equivalence to Ra-226). The visual display is complimented by a loud variable pitch audio tone, proportional to the intensity of the gamma radiation detected, for eyes free searching. The threshold for audio indication is automatically adjustable and reflects the actual natural background. The audio indication can be switched off if required Model RT-20 T has also a telescopic arm 1 – 2 m long.

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RT-20 Gamma Detector Brochure 1