The RT-21 and RT-22 SUPER SCINT are a robust and compact series of hand held radiation detectors, specifically designed to quickly scan for radioactive materials. Models with NaI or BGO scintillotors are available as well as models with an extensible telescopic arm for ease of operation when tall objects are to be scanned. Quickly determining the location of lost radioactive sources in the environment or scrap, monitoring of waste in hospitals or waste incinerators, scanning people or baggage to disclose illicit trafficking of nuclear materials; all are typical applications for the RT-21 and RT-22 series. The graphical display shows a histogram of the last 100 measurements to quickly determine the location of the radiation. The RT-21 and RT-22 series have a balanced handle equipped with a single push button, that allows for easy one handed operation. The RT-21 and RT-22 family of instruments include several models; see the attached table.




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