The KT-20 is a handheld instrument that is able to measure up to three different physical properties on a geological sample or core, including magnetic susceptibility, conductivity and density.  The KT-20 is available in three main models: as a dedicated magnetic susceptibility meter (KT-20), a dedicated conductivity meter (KT-20 C), or as a combined magnetic susceptibility/conductivity meter (KT-20 S/C).

The KT-20 has multiple features that make it unique compared to previous KT models.

Two dual-frequency sensors: 1/10 kHz and 10/100 kHz dual-frequency sensors are available for the KT-20. Those focusing on magnetic susceptibility measurements will benefit from the 1/10 kHz, while the 10/100 kHz sensor is advantageous for conductivity measurements.

Interchangeable circular & rectangular sensors: Users can easily interchange between circular and rectangular sensors to employ the one that is ideally suited for their requirements.  The circular sensor has a large surface area and is recommended for grassroots exploration and measuring samples larger than 66mm. The rectangular sensor is ideal for measuring cores with diameters smaller than 66 mm. The KT-20 is provided with one sensor, in either circular or rectangular configuration; the customer can purchase additional sensors with the instrument or anytime afterwards.

Density measurements: All KT-20 models come standard with the ability to perform density measurements. Density measurements will is made possible through a tensile scale that is integrated into the KT-20, using the bag and hook that are provided with the instrument.

Built-in high resolution camera: Each KT-20 models has a built-in high resolution camera that enables users to take pictures of the sample or core they are measuring.

Integrated GPS: Each KT-20 model is integrated with GPS to provide the coordinates of a measurement’s location with 2.0m accuracy.

Real-time profiling and data transferring: Scanner profiles can be viewed on the KT-20’s colour display in real-time.  Data can also be transferred from the KT-20 to a database in real-time for instantaneous archiving.

Additional sensors and features to be announced later: New features for the KT-20 will be available in the future, such as the ability to perform induced polarization (IP) measurements.

In addition, customers can purchase upgrades for each KT-20 model that will increase the instrument’s measurement range for either magnetic susceptibility (the “Plus” option) or conductivity (the “Cx” option).  Each KT-20 model can also be upgraded to include additional measurement capabilities.  All upgrades can be performed via the internet, so there is no need for the end user to return their meter for upgrading.

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