KT-10 S/C meter measures simultaneously the Magnetic Susceptibility and Conductivity of samples or core on two different frequencies. It also includes the standard KT-10 benefits such as bluetooth wireless communication to store readings integrated with GPS coordinates, Wireless data transfer, more accurate scanning and visualization software. The KT-10 S/C stores up to 1500 readings in its internal non-volatile memory. Average readings and standard deviation are also stored. The operator can record up to one minute of comments associated to each specific reading through the KT-10 digital voice recorder.
All KT-10 S/C models are available either with circular coil (for field surveys) or rectangular coil (for use in a core box).

KT-10 Plus SC and KT-10R Plus SC brochure

KT-10 Combined (includes KT-10H)

KT-10 Manual v2.2

KT-10 Quick User Guide ver 1.3