Calibration of gamma spectrometers

RDS is still doing calibration on one of the world´s very few existing calibration stations for gamma spectrometers. The site, which was established by the geological Survey of Sweden, includes four pads, each 13 m in diameter, with U, Th, K plus a low background radiation pad.

To be sure you deliver high quality of your gamma radiation measurements, we recommend that the latest Declaration of Conformity and Calibration Document is attached to your final report. If you do not calibrate, you do not know how the instrument measure. The quality of your job depends on that.

Radiation Detection Systems, together with Georadis s.r.o. has this year updated the calibration process. All calibration files are now sent to Georadis s.r.o. which carefully reviews all data and sends back adjustment files which the instrument will be updated with.

At each calibration, a Declaration of Conformity and Calibration Document is produced by Georadis s.r.o. and sent back together with the instrument.

We recommend calibration every second year.